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Section One: Name
This Organization shall be known as the Tarentum District Sportsmen’s Club (hereinafter “the Club”). This Club was incorporated in Pennsylvania on May 22, 1936. The mailing address is Post Office Box 114, Cabot, PA 16023. The Club’s physical location is 837 Sarver Road, Sarver, PA 16055. The Web address for the Club is

Section Two: Purpose
The purpose of this Organization is to promote sportsmanship, the wise use of our natural resources, safe and responsible sport shooting and to engage in educational and charitable programs related to the shooting sports.


Section One: Board of Directors
The Club shall be governed by a five (5) member Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”) consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Clay’s Chairman. The Board shall have the authority to take all actions that are necessary to both fulfill the purpose of the Club and to secure the sustainability of the Club over time. Board shall have sole authority for administration of the facility, to manage and control the affairs and property of the Club and maintains full power, to adopt rules and regulations governing the Club.

Section Two: Nominations to Board of Directors
Nominations to the Board shall be made by the Board at the August Board meeting. Election of members to the Board shall be held at the September annual Club meeting.

Section Three: Vacant Offices
If a Board position becomes vacant for any reason during the term to which the member was elected, the vacancy shall be filled by a 2/3 majority vote of the members of the Board present at the next regular meeting. The members of the Board shall be responsible for nominations prior to the meeting.

Section Four: Advisory Committees
The Board shall, periodically and at its discretion, install advisory committees for each shooting discipline to advise the Board in assuring the sustainability of the various facilities related to each discipline. The advisory committees shall report to the Board on an as needed basis.

Section Five: Membership Secretary
The Membership Secretary shall accept and review all applications, submit perspective members to the board for approval, issue membership cards, and keep the club roster up to date and in order.


Section One: Duties of the Board
The President shall preside over all general and special meetings and represent TDSC to the community. The President will be accountable for assuring there is a long-term strategic plan for the Club and that the plan is refreshed annually. The President will also assure that there is an annual operating and financial plan that supports the strategy. The President, with the support of the full Board, will prepare for delivery to all members in good standing, an Annual Report of TDSC. This report will be prepared and delivered at the annual membership meeting. Such report will include an income statement, a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, and a statement of investment accounts. This report will also include assurances by the external auditor that financial statements of the Club meet appropriate accounting standards. In the report, a letter from the President, will express an outlook for the future of the Club.

The Vice-President shall assist the President and shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all regular and special meetings, maintain the Club’s website, notify the membership of upcoming meetings and address Club correspondence.

The Treasurer shall sign checks, pay Club bills and oversee all Club accounts. He/she shall present a written monthly statement and an itemized report of all monies spent since the last regular meeting. He/she shall report on the condition of finances of the Organization at each meeting and shall be responsible for all money belonging to the Club. The Treasurer shall work in conjunction with a retained CPA to assure that the Club remains in compliance with its 501(c)(7) status. The Club’s Treasurer will be a liaison between the CPA and the Club.

The Clay’s Chairman shall oversee and maintain all the Club’s shotgun shooting disciplines. He/she shall work in conjunction with the other Board members and their designees to keep all disciplines operating and functioning at a high level.

Section Two: Indemnification
Each officer or member of the Board of Directors shall be indemnified against all expenses actually and necessarily incurred by such individual in connection with the defense of any action, suit, or proceeding to which he/she has been made a party by reason of his/her being of have been an officer of member of the Board of Directors, except in relation to matters as to which such individual shall be adjudicated in such action, suit or proceeding to be liable for gross negligence or willful misconduct in the performance of their duties.


Section One: Regular Meeting – Quorum
A Board meeting shall be held on a monthly basis and take place on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Three (3) Board members shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings (in addition to the monthly Board meeting) may be called by the Board.

Section Two: Order of Business
Regular meetings shall be conducted pursuant to Robert’s Rules of Order and the order of business at the regular Board meetings shall be as follows:

  1.  Call to Order;
  2. Pledge of Allegiance;
  3.  Roll Call;
  4. New Membership Applications/New Members;
  5. Reading/Approval of the Previous Month’s Minutes;
  6.  Treasurer’s Report and Review of Financial Results;
  7. Advisory Committee Reports (as requested);
    1.  Correspondence
    2. Pistol
    3. Rifle
    4. Skeet
    5. Trap
    6. 5 Stand
    7. Sporting Clays
    8. Facilities
  8. Progress on Strategic Initiatives;
  9. Old Business;
  10. New Business;
  11. Comments and Announcements; and
  12. Adjournment.

Section Three: Special Meeting

A special meeting of the Board may be called for any purpose and at any time by the President or by Three (3) Board members.

Section Four: Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the membership shall be held the third week of September each year. The order of business at the Annual Meeting shall include the President’s Report, the Treasurer’s Report, Election of Board Members and any other business needed to be conducted as determined by the Board.

Section Five: Advisory Committee Meetings
Advisory Committee meetings for all shooting disciplines shall be held as necessary at a time and place determined by the members of the committee. The Advisory committees shall update the Board with any issues or concerns they may have in advance of the Board’s monthly meeting.


Section One: Regular Members
A regular member shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Section Two: New Applicant Rules
New applicants, application fees and annual dues shall be submitted to the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary shall submit the names of the perspective applicants to the Board for approval. In the event the applicant is rejected, the initiation fee and annual dues will be refunded.

Section Three: New Member Initiation Fee
The New Member Initiation Fee is $200.00. This is a one-time fee and is in addition to the regular dues. The New Member Initiation Fee may be changed by the Board at any time by a majority vote.

Section Four: Dues

The Board shall specify the annual dues and those dues may be set or changed by a majority vote of the Board as becomes necessary for the good of the Club. The Board may also, on occasion and depending on the strategy and financial condition of the Club, approve special assessments to members to fund shortfalls or to make capital improvements to the Club. On payment of dues, members will receive a key card allowing electronic access to the facilities for a fee of $20.00 per year. A replacement fee of $20.00 will be charged for lost or damaged key cards. Any member may resign their membership at any time, but no dues, application fees, or key card fees will be refunded.

The Club member’s fiscal year shall begin on the date the member made their last dues payment and run one year from the payment date (“Anniversary Date”). Dues must be paid in full on or before the member’s anniversary date for the next year. If dues are not paid on or before the anniversary date, the individual will be dropped from Club membership, forfeit all membership rights, all key cards will be immediately deactivated and all keys must be immediately returned the Board. To reinstate membership status, the member must reapply as a new member (Pursuant to Section Three).

Section Five: Disciplinary Action
Any member who, by his/her conduct, violates the purpose of this Organization, it’s By- Laws or Rules and Regulations, may be suspended or expelled from membership by majority vote of the Board. Two weeks’ notice by regular mail to the member’s last address on record shall be given by the Secretary to said member. Said notice shall include a copy of the charges. He/she may appear and be heard to present his/her own defense. The failure of the member to appear will generally be cause enough for suspension or expulsion. The terms of said suspension or expulsion are to be determined by the Board. Any member caught abusing the grounds or buildings shall have their keys/key cards revoked and/or face disciplinary action and possible prosecution, which could include loss of other privileges and membership. Also, a member shall be liable for monetary damages regarding the abuse and damage incurred. Any member caught shooting while under the influence of alcohol and/or prohibited drugs while on the ranges may be expelled from membership by a majority vote of the Board. Any charge(s) must be made in writing and signed by the party or parties making the charges or they will not be considered.

Section Six: Conduct
Anyone using the Clubhouse shall be held responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their guests. Littering, under-age drinking, using prohibited drugs and damage to the physical property or grounds will not be tolerated. All guests shall abide by all Club rules and regulations.

Section Seven: Memorial
The Board, at its discretion, may make a charitable donation on behalf of the Club as a memorial for a deceased Club member.


Section One: Amendments to the By-Laws

These By-laws may be amended only after review by the Board, then presented at the next regular Board to be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the regular members present. These By-laws shall be reviewed periodically as necessary but must be reviewed fully at least once every twenty-four (24) months.

Section Two: New Issues
A new issue, one not covered by these By-laws, can be resolved by majority vote at a regular Board meeting to implement regulations for immediate needs. However, the issue must be presented for adoption into the By-laws at the first opportunity.

Section Three: Nondiscrimination Policy
The Board of Directors, Committee Members, Employees and persons served by this Club shall be selected entirely on a nondiscriminatory basis with respect to age, sex, race, religion, national origin and/or sexual orientation. It is the policy of the Tarentum District Sportsmen’s Club not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, veteran’s status, political service or affiliation, color, religion or national origin.