Looking for a Volunteer to assist our website director building an “Online retail store. see items 1 – 3.

  1.  Find, interview, and make vendor choices:  Vendor(s) who provides products and works in relationship using “Online or Electronic methods”.  These Vendor(s) must be able to “Sell and Ship” products to our members via electronic methods while using our website as the store front.
  2. Next Design and Build a Display case to view actual demo products sold in the store at the Club house.
  3. Manage the Store (providing assistance with ongoing website & vendor changes and Leadership to field all vendor & membership related email associated with the store transactions)

If you have actual experience or the knowledge to provide this volunteer work and you have the skill set to execute the website / engineering then please step up. We need your help

Send all comments to TDSCCLAYS@gmail.com via email and thanks for helping us move forward.