On behalf of the Tarentum District Sportsmen’s Club’s Board of Directors, we thank you for your interest in hosting an event at our Club. Below you will find information and a fee schedule for using the Main Shooting Lodge, 5-Stand, Trap & Skeet Fields.

All requests for holding an event need to be approved by the TDSC Board of Directors. Should you have any questions or if you would like to see the accommodations we have to offer, please contact Bob Waite, the Club Manager at

The Club will remain open to all members of TDSC during any approved hosted events. The Club will post any approved events on the Club Calendar making all members aware.

Main Shooting Lodge Amenities

  • Seating for 40 people.
  • 2 ADA restrooms.
  • The Club’s kitchen has a Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator and Coffee Maker.
  • The Club’s kitchen and dining area has ample counter/buffet space with outlets.
  • Cleaning supplies and trash bins and bags are provided.

Guns & Ammunition

Members and guests will need to provide their own firearms and ammunition for any shooting event at the Club.

Fee Schedule

The recommended donations for hosting an event at the Tarentum District Sportsmen’s Club are as follows:

Main Shooting Lodge only:

  • Half Day $250
  • Full Day $300

Main Shooting Lodge and Use of the Fields and 5-Stand:

  • Half Day $350
  • Full Day $400


TDSC requires all guests to sign a waiver form prior to shooting. Waiver Forms are located in a folder on the counter near the office.

Eye and ear protection must be worn while shooting and spectating. The hosting member shall be responsible for making sure all guests are familiar with the safe transport and operation of their firearm, and aware of all safety requirements and protocols.

The use of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances are not permitted anywhere on Club property.


All shooting fields and the 5-stand are only to be opened only by members who have been trained and approved to open those fields.

TDSC does not provide trappers for events. If trappers are needed, they must be coordinated with the Club Manager or the Clays Director in advance of the shooting event. Compensation and any tips for the trappers is the responsibility of the member sponsoring the event.

Count Down Cards will need to be paid for by the hosting member and pre-loaded for the event’s invitees. If additional cards are needed, please contact Bob Waite, the Club Manager, or Ernie Anderson, the Clays Director.


TDSC invites you to use your own caterer. Below are caterers/restaurants that have been used in the past that deliver to the club.

LeFevere’s Catering Service

Tony’s Pizza Café


The Host/Sponsor of the event will be responsible for clean up at the conclusion of the event. The fields which were used must be cleaned of all spent shells. Inside cleaning includes wiping down all surfaces, cleaning all dishes, removing all trash (including from restrooms), and exterior shell boxes, and taking it to the dumpster located at the storage barn.


The Club is open from 10 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and is protected by an electronic security gate. The Host/ Sponsor of the event must coordinate with Bob Waite, the Club Manager, or Josh Crofutt, the Clays Director to gain access to the Club and the Main Shooting Lodge.


The Main Lodge offers 20 parking spaces and 1 handicap space for members and guests.