Online Membership Application

We are very excited to begin processing our membership applications and renewals online! Please see below for process details.


  1. Click the “New Applicants” button below to complete the initial membership application.
  2. Your application will be sent to TDSC for approval. Please allow 1-2 weeks for application processing.
  3. If your application has been approved:
    1. You will receive an email with instructions on finalizing your membership payment.
    2. You will be contacted by one of the member co-chairmen by phone, to set up an orientation date and time.

VIDEO Demo: New Applicants


    First time online payments (see video below):

    1. Click the “Existing Members” button below to create your TDSC account.
    2. Your account application will be sent to TDSC for approval.

    Future online payments: 

    1. Log into your TDSC account to view and pay your invoices.  Forgot your password? Click here to reset your password.

    VIDEO Demo: Renewing Members