There has been a change to the Outdoor pistol range. We now have a new method of posting targets. There are 5 wooden target holders leaning against the great wall. You can use the clothes pins to attach your targets to the plastic fencing. We have PVC pipe placed at 7 yds., 15 yds., and 20 yds. Each piece of pipe has a cap on it so it doesn’t fill with grass and weeds. The pipes are placed so that when you remove two caps you can lower the target legs into the pipe. The pipes are placed 32 inches apart to accept the target posts. Because the pipes were placed in the ground a shot time ago they are a little loose. Please be careful when removing a cap and placing the target posts into the pipes. When you are finished shooting, please carefully remove the target frame and place it against the wall and replace the cap. Do not push down hard on the cap or the next shooter will have a problem removing the cap.
On a separate note, it seems shooters are leaving the indoor pistol range lights and also the safety lights on after exiting the range. Please make sure all lights are turned off when you are finished shooting.